Photography and Race in the Americas: Beyond Fixity, April 18 2014

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Photography and film have long been understood as important technologies for creating, framing, and distributing racialized thought in the Americas and beyond. Recently, however, new approaches to this history, fostered by important theoretical, political and technological trends in image-making, use, and analysis, have led a number of scholars from a variety of approaches and fields to return to early photography and cinema, revisiting the relations between race and image beyond any reductive or preordained position. This conference brings together scholars from Brazil, Colombia, the US and Canada whose works have provided innovative insights in the relationship between race and visual technologies.
The Conference is sponsored by the Global Collaborative Network on Race and Citizenship in the Americas, a Princeton University–Universidade de São Paulo Partnership (RACA)
Co-sponsored by: Program in Latin American Studies, Department of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures, American Studies Program, Center for Human Values, Department of Anthropology, Center for African American Studies, Lewis Center for the Arts, Department of Art and Archeology, Department of English
9:45 Introduction: Carolina Sá Carvalho and Rachel Price
W.J.T. Mitchell (Chicago, English)
“Nothing Personal:  Photography and the Racial Medium”
Elizabeth Abel (Berkeley, English)
“Unfixing Race: Jim Crow Signs in the Language of Photography”
Beatriz Balanta (SMU, Art History)
“Disenchantment in the South, Hope in the Tropics: The Illustrated Press, Manifest Destiny, and the Confederate Exodus to Brazil”
Moderator: Eduardo Cadava (Princeton, English)
1:15 – 3:30
Mauricio Lissovsky (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Communications)
“Photographic Tropes of Race in Brazil”
Catalina Muñoz Rojas (Universidad de los Andes, History)
“Photography and Memory: Contemporary Uses of Photography among the Arhuaco of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta”
Michael Taussig (Columbia, Anthropology)
“Physiognomy and film: Revisiting the Face in Eisenstein’s Zoomorphological Exercises in Strike”
Moderator: Gabriela Nouzeilles (Princeton, Spanish and Portuguese)
Eduardo Morettin (Universidade de São Paulo, Communications; Film)
“Race in the Silent Brazilian Cinema: Idealization and Prejudice”
Alice Maurice (University of Toronto, English; Film)
“The Making of the Screen Face”
Genevieve Yue (The New School for Liberal Arts, Film, Media)
“Close Up: The China Girl and the Face in Early Cinema”
Moderator: Javier Guerrero (Princeton, Spanish and Portuguese)