Visions of Care – Reconstructing health practices, November 13 and 14, 2014




Across different disciplines and fields, the concept of care has come to occupy a privileged space in contemporary discussions of health systems and practices, drawing together practical and political concerns and offering critical openings into present-day forms of caregiving and healthcare delivery. From the macro perspective of global health frameworks to the micro-dynamics of in-person clinical encounters, care acts as a broad interpretive category that traverses scales. The seminar Visions of Care will take an interdisciplinary and comparative approach to the concept of care, engaging and generating debates among academics and practitioners. In attending to care in the clinic and beyond, how are we to understand the relationship between care and power? Choice and coercion? Self and other? What possibilities does an analytic of care hold for health systems, clinical relations, and our understandings of accountability, attention, and presence? How do the “science of medicine” and the “art of care” play out in present-day approaches to health? What does it mean to provide “good” care? 
Organized by Professors João Biehl (Princeton University) and José Ricardo Ayres (University of São Paulo/Princeton University), the Global Health Program, and the Princeton University-University of São Paulo Partnership. Co-sponsored by the Center for Health and Wellbeing, the Department of Anthropology, the Woodrow Wilson School, and the Network on Race and Citizenship in the Americas. 
César Ernesto Abadia-Barrero (University of Connecticut)
José Ricardo Ayres (University of São Paulo/Princeton University)
João Biehl (Princeton University)
Janet Currie (Princeton University)
Guita Debert (University of Campinas)
Simone Diniz (University of São Paulo)
Raphael Frankfurter (Wellbody Alliance of Sierra Leone)
Sofia Gruskin (University of Southern California)
Clara Han (Johns Hopkins University)
Laura Moutinho (University of São Paulo)
Mariana Arantes Nasser (University of São Paulo)
Lilia M. Schwarcz (University of São Paulo)
Amy Moran-Thomas (Brown University)
Adriana Petryna (University of Pennsylvania)
Peter Redfield (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)
Keith Wailoo (Princeton University)
Naomi Zucker (Princeton University)